Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT Testing Options

The Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT is one of the most comprehensive and powerful testers available on the market. Unlike other testers which typically have a one button push test, the DeltaPAT gives you alternative options for conducting your pat testing. We’ll explain what these testing options are and the benefits of each one.

Option 1 - Simple Test

Metrel Simple Test

The Simple Test option on your DeltaPAT is basically a pre-loaded labelled description of the test you’re conducting. This will assist you in identifying the test you’re after and makes it relevant to AS/NZS 3760. Without it, or if the tester is restored to factory settings, it’ll only have the basic Class I, Class II and IEC test options available.

Most suppliers, including our PAT testing divison, will pre-program these tests to Australian standards. If you’re wanting to do it yourself after you’ve received the tester, you will require a copy of the PATlink software to do so.

Option 2 - Shortcut Menu
Metrel Shortcut Code

An alternative to the Simple Test is the Shortcut Menu, which are pre-loaded test parameters for all appliances, including portable and fixed RCD’s.

When you’re about to test an appliance, you can essentially select the relevant ‘app’,’class’ and ‘code’ and away you go. The drawback is you’ll need to know which numbers correspond to which tests, or have a cheat sheet handy to instruct you. It’s worth mentioning that options chosen from the shortcut menu can also be saved as a simple test.

If you’re using an android smart device to conduct your tests, the shortcut menu appears to be a quicker way of retesting items.

There's no doubt that the DeltaPAT makes testing and tagging an easy process. However, choosing the best way to conduct your tests will be different for each person and their own experience and preference.

If you would like additional advice on the testing procedures of the DeltaPAT 3309 BT, or perhaps you're looking to purchase one, call us 0800 111 780