Testing and Tagging a UPS

We've found that a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is an item that's often not tested correctly to Australian Standards.

The most common reasons for this: either having trouble finding the earthing point, or incorrectly thinking that a UPS only requires one earthing point checked, instead of testing all of them.

Although it can be difficult to test under some circumstances, it's important to remember:

  • Every single outlet of the UPS needs to be tested using a Class I Test
  • You can use a Flat Tipped Probe that'll fit within the earth socket (they can be used with most interchangeable test leads)
  • Alternatively, you can test the earth through the appliance while it's plugged into the UPS
  • We suggest you turn the Insulation Resistance down to 250V (or if the UPS is surge protected)
  • We suggest you perform an additional Leakage Current test
  • If you attempt an extension lead test, the polarity will fail

If you're needing more information on how to test and tag UPS properly, please contact us./p>