Test and Tag a 3 Phase Appliance

To succesfully Test and Tag a 3 Phase appliance, there are three tests you can perform: an Earth Bond (an essential test), Insulation Resistance and Leakage test. Our two videos listed below will properly demonstrate how to conduct these tests correctly.

Earth Bond & Insulation Resistance

Starting with your visual inspection, make sure you thoroughly check the 3 phase plug connector and supply lead as they're prone to damage.

Next, we'll use our Portable Appliance Tester and adaptor to perform our tests. There's a variety of adaptors available, with some testing each phase individually. In our video below, we've used an adaptor that tests all phases as one.

For a PASS, you require:

  • Earth Bond has to be less than 1 Ω
  • Insulation Resistance has to have a minimum of 1 MΩ

Leakage test

We'll need to use our Portable Appliance Tester and Leakage Current Meter to conduct the test. A Leakage test is required if the appliance has electronic/magnetic switching (contactor blocks).

For a PASS, you require:

  • Leakage test has to be less than 5mA

It's important to wait a few seconds for the number of your reading to level out. When disconnecting the system, ensure you do it in reverse by turning the meter off first, followed then by the appliance and mains power.

If you're needing help choosing the right 3 Phase testing equipment, please contact us on 0800 111 779.